Our investment Philosophy & Approach

Our investment philosophy is based upon long-term asset preservation and growth as we take a multi-generational view towards asset management.  By expanding the time horizon, investment strategies take on a whole new perspective and short-term market swings become less significant since the overall objectives are viewed over a longer time period.  Accordingly, short-term changes in the marketplace do not necessarily translate into portfolio adjustments.  While we execute strategies based on our client's goals and objectives, we continually monitor and evaluate those strategies to account for changes in market conditions and our client's goals and objectives.

Our approach to investment management is one of full integration.  We at Titan believe that all aspects of our clients' financial lives are interrelated and that investment decisions must be made with income tax considerations, cash flow needs, and future estate tax consequences in mind.  We identify financial, estate, and tax challenges related to wealth management and preservation while providing innovative and objective recommendations.

Our multi-phase planning process first begins with a thorough review of our client's holdings provided by the completion of a confidential questionnaire and interview.  This step is designed to be comprehensive in order to assist in defining short and long-term objectives, risk tolerances, tax position, and estate planning needs.  In addition, it provides a detailed listing of a client's assets and liabilities in order for us to evaluate various risks and compute net worth.

Phase II begins with our objective analysis of the data gathered in Phase I.  It is here that we begin to assess a client's financial strengths and potential shortfalls, which must be addressed in order to achieve their goals. Working with our clients, we begin to formulate an investment and financial plan consistent with their identified goals and objectives. 

It is here in Phase III that the interaction bewteen the client and the investment advisor is most critical, since the goals and objectives first identified may change upon further reflection and analysis.  That is why, we firmly believe that a solid relationship built upon mutual respect and trust must be established and maintained at all times.  Our relationships with our clients permit honest and open discussions of concerns and issues that maybe raised during the planning process.  Consistent with our view, we have built many long term, mutli-generational relationships with our client families.

Once the plan has been finalized and agreed upon, Phase IV begins.  Assets are now optimally allocated and invested in accordance with the agreed-upon plan.  Any related documents are now prepared and executed.  It is here that the agreed-upon investment management strategy begins to be fully implemented.

We continually monitor the performance of the portfolio holdings, provide detailed periodic reporting and make tactical asset re-allocations recommendations as required.  For non-discretionary accounts, we will make recommendations and discuss them with our clients before any changes to their portfolios are made.  Therefore, the client is fully aware of all investment recommendations as well as the thought process behind those recommendations.

One of the benefits of working with us is our ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of our planning strategies and the financial products and services utilized to implement them.  The personalized program that we provide is a roadmap to working toward a more secure financial future.

We are looking forward to helping you pursue your financial goals and establishing a long-term relationship.